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Breaking News, Haiti 07/09/18

Annie Grossinger

Photo courtesy of Steve Almasy and Keith Allen/CNN

Photo courtesy of Steve Almasy and Keith Allen/CNN

On behalf of the Community Empowerment community, I would like to express our sadness regarding the current situation unfolding in Haiti. As many of you know, the country is going through yet another round of devastation in the wake of a government hike of gasoline prices. The situation remains extremely unstable, with many Haitians confined to their homes due to widespread fires, looting, barricades and riots.  The political situation is unpredictable, with many indicators pointing toward destabilization for some time to come. 


To our Haitian friends, family, colleagues and patients, please know that Community Empowerment remains committed to supporting you through this difficult period.  Our hope is that the unrest comes to a calm with peaceful resolution and that you stay safe.


Stephanie Crane, MD