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A Community at Play

Annie Grossinger

Photo Mar 02, 12 43 21 PM.jpg

Since the 2010 earthquake, Madame LeFleur has run an orphanage in Jerusalem, Haiti – providing food, shelter and education for 40 - 50 children at a time.  Community Empowerment has provided primary care services since 2011. A couple of years ago, Madame LeFleur expressed a desire to give the children something on which to play.  Inspired by this idea, CE, led by Steve Wang and Taylor Massaro, raised the funds to build a playground.

In February 2018, the team of our volunteers joined a team of local volunteers to build a playground designed by structural engineer, Taylor Massaro.  Supplies were purchased from the US and Haiti. After much drilling, digging, priming and painting the playground was complete! Check it out below.

In addition to the playground, the medical volunteers created individual charts for all of the children (which they decorated), including growth and developmental assessments, and engaged in interactive health education sessions with the children aged 12-18 years old.

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