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May in Jerusalem, Haiti

Annie Grossinger

Update: On Friday, June 9th, Jerusalem Clinique received its official certification from the Haitian Ministry of Health, MSPP. This means access to Ministry of Health medications, vaccinations, and educational materials. It's an important step to building medical infrastructure in Jerusalem!

The community of Jerusalem, Haiti continues to grow. In fact, there are about a dozen wards within Jerusalem.  Homes have sprouted up on the hillside behind the clinic and local shops have emerged.  

Dr. Saint Paul, Fiquita, is doing an amazing job. She sees patients four days a week, which amounts to about 150 - 200 patients a month, and manages the team of community healthcare workers (CHW).  All data is kept by hand.  Being a constant presence in the community allows her to take a more holistic approach.  For example, she can have the CHWs follow up with patients who have borderline high blood pressure before starting them on medications.

From May 7-14th, Community Empowerment brought a team of medical residents and students, a nurse practitioner, a PA, a pharmacist and a veteran pediatrician to see returning and new patients.  Several of the volunteers were returnees.  They were joined by a team of eight interpreters, many of whom were returnees as well.  We saw 363 patients in total.

It was our second time using the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system and it worked well.  We trained three of the CHWs to enter patient information and vitals.  Providers were able to use their own laptops, tablets or phones if they prefer.

The limits of our clinic were tested by three patients who needed hospital care.  One woman had acute jaundice, a newborn had a fever and jaundice and another newborn had asthma).  We took them to Bon Repos Hospital, but unfortunately, care there is a cost many cannot afford.  

Looking forward, we recognize the need for the following:

Pregnancy tests ($25 for 40)

HIV tests ($75 for 40)

U/A tests strips ($27 for 100)

“Watch” batteries

Good stethoscopes

BP cuffs

2 Exam tables

Additionally, we see the opportunity to educate patients who are waiting to be seen.  Basic information about illnesses and treatments would be valuable here.


Dr. Babs Waldman

Alfredo, Brian and Annie interview Wendys in the old clinic for our video coming soon.

Alfredo, Brian and Annie interview Wendys in the old clinic for our video coming soon.