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Peralta, Dominican Republic

Peralta, Dominican republic

Dr. Stephanie Crane began working in Peralta in 2004.  Community Empowerment oversaw approximately 3,000 patients a year for 14 years. Now, the clinic is self-sustainable and employing a full-time doctors and community healthcare workers. Our surgical services remain and we continue to partner with local regional and community hospitals in the Province of Azua to provide critical services to those left outside the system.

The Town

With a population of 15,000 people, Peralta resides 5,000 – 7,000 feet in the mountains of the Azua Province. The main town is centered in a small valley.  Reggaeton and bachata music often permeate the streets. Many of the inhabitants spend their days on the porch, awaiting money from relatives who have found work abroad. Additionally, the economy relies on the exportation of coffee, agriculture and fruits.

Photo by Hague Williams


The partnership between the community leaders and medical volunteers are what make this program successful.  The clinic treats patients with chronic illnesses, such as hypertension and diabetes. In July 2018, the final primary care team worked side-by-side with local staff, who have taken over the clinic full-time. Only our surgical services remain.

water business

A clean water sales and distribution system was created in 2014.  Sales from the potable water help support clinic operations, including the hiring of local medical providers, and supports several families in need.