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Our Work


our work

Community Empowerment works in tandem with local leadership to provide essential health care, while creating a self-sustaining system in which our assistance is no longer needed.

The first step is to work with our partner communities to identify their needs and provide regular medical and surgical care. Then, we help the communities form partnerships with existing medical and social services to ensure this care will be ongoing.  We help establish a governing board over the clinics and provide training for medical students, residents, and medical providers.  Ongoing care is ultimately provided by community health care workers, nurses and doctors.

Photograph by Annie Grossinger

Photograph by Annie Grossinger

primary care teams

Primary care teams regularly work with local medical providers to provide training and care of chronic diseases.

surgical care teams

Surgical teams operate alongside local providers and provide medical and surgical education for medical students, residents and faculty members.   Surgical care includes orthopedic, urology, gynecology and more.

infastructure support

A business model for water purification and distribution services was created to provide ongoing infrastructure support.  The sales from the potable water helps finance clinic operations, including the hiring of local medical providers and provides income to several needy families.


We create permanent clinics staffed with local providers, whom we train, in order to provide long-term care to the community. We work to strengthen the local leadership so that they are able to take ownership of the primary care services and water purification and distribution activities.  


Community Engagement has been involved in Peralta, Dominican Republic since 2002, and Jerusalem Haiti since 2010.  There have been hundreds of volunteers, ranging from medical, nursing, and physician assistant students, residents, nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and physicians, who have participated in our work.

Photo by Sebastian Kowalski


This partnership has established a unique sustainable community-based medical clinic in Peralta, Dominican Republic and is expanding to include surgical care and training.  Our achievements include:

  • *New* - A public/private partnership was created between the Ministry of Health and Peralta's NGO, which will help sustain the health care model. The Ministry of Health will provide supporting staff (physician, RN, health care providers, pharmacist and custodian), medication, and pharmaceuticals. Staff will be hired from within the community.

  • Over 3,000 patients seen each year, more than 500 each medical trip

  • Surgical trips partner with local regional and community hospitals in the Province of Azua to provide critical surgical services to those left outside the system. 1,500 surgeries have been performed in the fields of Urology, Gynecology, Pelvic Reconstruction, ENT, Craniofacial Reconstruction, Orthopaedics and General Surgery.*
  • The development of a water purification, sales, and distribution business, which has provided a profitable income to support the medical clinic

  • Improving the overall health of the community by reducing the occurrence of infectious diarrheal illness and controlling hypertension

  • Supporting the local medical system by providing two shipping containers of  equipment for the clinic, local hospital and regional hospital, received through Project CURE


This partnership provides the only accessible health care in Jerusalem which is a relocation camp created in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake.  Our achievements include: 

  • *New* - Collaboration with the Red Cross to provide vaccinations

  • *New* - Rush University to provide a six-month Global Health Fellow at the clinic, supporting clinical primary care activities and assisting with research roll-outs

  • *New* - The clinic is an MSPP-recognized site through the Ministry of Health.  MSP sites receive vaccines, HIV & malaria testing, and educational materials, as well as discounted medication  

  • *New* - Supporting the local medical system by providing five shipping containers of  equipment for the clinic, received through Project CURE

  • Over 1,500 patients seen each year with 30% being return patients*

  • A permanent clinic was completed and stocked with equipment from ProjectCURE and a Rotary Global Grant

  • The development of a water purification, sales, and distribution business.  Business is run by a board of local leaders.

  • Hired a full-time physician and four community health workers to staff the clinic.  Together, they see over 20 patients a day

  • The creation of an electronic medical record system

Photo by Sebastian Kowalski

*Numbers current as of 08/2017