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Jerusalem, Haiti

Jerusalem, haiti

Dr. Stephanie Crane began working in Haiti as a first responder after the 2010 earthquake.  In January 2011, Crane and select Rush medical providers began working in Jerusalem.


In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, Jerusalem, Haiti emerged as a temporary tent community for those left homeless.  Situated in the desert, many were relocated by the government, while others sought promise of land to call their own.  However, the new community lacked essential services, clean water or food.  

In 2013, the government declared it a permanent community.  Today, over 100,000 people reside in Jerusalem.  There are churches, small schools and thousands of simple homes, but the lack of resources and infrastructure is still apparent.  Jobs are rare, clean water is sparse, and many people go days without food.

Madame Le Fleur Orphanage

The 2010 earthquake in Haiti left behind an estimated 1 million orphans among its survivors. These children have either taken to the streets or have been warehoused in makeshift orphanages, where they receive minimal sustenance, occasional medical care, and limited access to any significant education.

Community Empowerment has partnered with the Madame LeFleur Orphanage, a charitable Haitian entity, in Jerusalem. The founder, Madame LeFleur, cares and provides for 45 children as of 2016.

water business

With the help of the community and Haiti Outreach, an NGO, we built the first clean water supply in the area in 2016.  The distribution services are run by the Jerusalem Water Board, which is a local board created to oversee the well.